The internet is living for Armeena’s savage replies to the trolls for penning letter to UNICEF against Priyanka

You’re probably living under a rock if you haven’t seen Priyanka Chopra‘s video from the Beautycon gone viral where she’s being called a hypocrite. And while fans all over the world are sharing their opinion on Priyanka’s condescending reply, Armeena, is on a mission!


Armeena wrote an open letter to the UN urging them to break ties with Priyanka after her not so appropriate response:


The letter was signed by Armeena and her fiance Fesl and people were lauding her for it:


The queen we stan!


Some suggested that Anupum Kher be included in the letter too:


Some suggested that she turns it into a petition:


People were proud of her to use her social media platforms for the right reasons:


And while the internet was whole heartedly supporting her, there were some trolls under her tweet:


But Armeena came right back at him confirming that she’ll be dropping the letter to the UN in person:


Some thought she was doing this for publicity:


But Armeena owned him with her reply 😂


Some thought she was jealous of Priyanka 😂


But Armeena being her savage self, replied her with Priyanka’s very words:


But unlike Priyanka she didn’t try dodging the question, but instead came up with a sensible answer, something that Priyanka failed at:


Armeena then triggered the trolls saying that she couldn’t care less about them and that she’s not going to give up!


She also fixed Times of India’s headline favoring Priyanka and to be very honest, we’re living for her replies!

What do you think about Armeena’s stance on the situation? Let us know in the comments below!

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