The Hocane sisters claim diet is the only cause of depression and poor mental health but the internet isn’t buying it

The Hocane sisters have launched their own clothing line UxM, in an attempt to promote their brand, the sisters were invited to Nida Yasir’s morning show. Things were going pretty well until the host started talking about mental health and depression in a clip that has now gone viral, and the internet is furious!


In the clip you can see the sisters blaming an unhealthy diet for being the sole cause of depression and mental disease. But the netizens think otherwise:

Confidence ho toh Urwa jaisa, warna na ho:


Psychologists were disappointed:


People were not happy:


Rishtay wali aunty too, noticed the potential there:


People were trolling them for being doctors:


It was breaking news:


People shared how it was not the right way to promote healthy eating:


People were consulting Dr. Urwa for their lunch:


Some were furious!


Some were enlightened:


People were disappointed how they misused the platform:

People wanted the Hocane sisters to educate themselves:


People shared how cliched the notion of mental health is in our society:


People had their own versions of what causes depression:


Some shared how the totka was working for them:


Some found Urwa’s anti depressants:


And while people do agree with the fact that diet plays an important role, it’s not the only reason responsible:


Some were wondering why the sisters are being trolled:


Some whole heartedly agreed with them:


People had questions:


Following the backlash, Mawra shared a tweet from Paulo Coelho:


And it angered the people even more:


People were appalled at how there was no owning up to a mistake made:


Mawra also took to her Instagram stories to prove how diet plays a major role when it comes to mental health:


Do you agree with the Hocane sisters? Should celebrities be trivializing major issues like depression and mental health like this on national television? Let us know in the comments below!


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