The Greatest Pakora Debate Of All Time Is On And It’s Mouthwatering!

It is never a dull day on Twitter, the tweeple are almost always debating about one thing or another, and today, we have the legendary Pakoras up for a yummy debate!


Whoa, a combo that has us salivating already!




For some nothing beat aalu ke pakoray:


Paneer pakoras for the win!


Some were pretty satisfied with the ratings as it is:


Some shared their new found love for cabbage pakoras:


For some it was baingan that was banging:


The real MVPs of pakoras!


Some suggested the best of both worlds, pait bhi toh apna hi hai:


These sound like some fine dine pakoras!


Someone please make us some!


Okay, zucchini pakoras have our attention:


We will!


Wait, whaaaaat?




Wow, y’alls are creative!


Not sure if we’re ready to try them egg pakoras yet!


Some clearly got a little carried away with their pakoras:


Yeh cheez!


Jo baat hai, all pakoras are beautiful and yummy!


What pakoras win the iftaar for you? Let us know in the comments belo

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