5 Good Habits You Can Pick In Ramzan!

Ramzan is a great way to adopt the good habits you’ve always wanted to. Everyone is trying to be a better version of themselves during this month and we’re here to help you instill and also sustain these habits!

1. Stop judging!

If you’re praying 5 times a day, are practicing abstinence and yet call someone a seasonal Muslim, it’s the worst thing you can do to someone because your taunts and mocks can cause one to back down from their intentions of being a better person.

2. Pray!

We’re all extra careful about not missing our prayers during Ramzan, some of us even offer Taraveeh during the month. Don’t let go off this habit once Ramzan is over, even of you’re just praying the farz rakats, sustain the habit.

3. Eat mindfully

We all try our best to consume food that gives us energy to keep going all day long, from dates and yogurt to healthy iftars, don’t let the habit of mindful eating die once Ramzan is over!

4. Make praying Tahajjud a habit!

We all diligently wake up for Fajr during Ramadan; in fact, some of us wake up with enough time to pray Tahajjud as well. By the end of Ramadan, our bodies are wired to wake up early, make sure you sustain this habit because the dua you make during Tahajjud prayers is always answered.

5. Practice gratitude

Know that feeling when you take the first sip of water as you break the fast? The fact that you have a roof over your head during the scorching summers in the country, the fact that you have food to feast on makes you grateful for all the things that you may have been taking for granted. Take this as an opportunity to thank Allah for his blessings and to help others in need.

What habits are you planning to stick with after Ramzan? Let us know in the comments below!

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