Team Pakistan gets white-washed by Sri Lanka, and people are furious!

The series between Pakistan and Sri Lanka came to an end last night and Sri Lanka rose to victory white-washing Pakistan. And even though the country is really happy about international cricket coming back to Pakistan, people are also disappointed in the fact that Pakistan couldn’t win on their home ground. And the internet has a lot of things to say!

The Sri Lankan team especially thanked Pakistan and the crowd:

That’s our hospitality for you:

The crowd thanked the Sri Lankan team:

Housefull on all 3 days, you go, Lahore!

People were appreciating the security arrangements in both the cities:

People were mad:

Like really really mad:

There was footage of angry people destroying Sarfaraz’s dummy after the match:

Shoaib Akhtar too had a lot to say:


Should have gotten that lawn jhora:

We all have a certain joker in our lives:

The paragliding meme made an appearance:

Gham apne apne:

Many had theories:

Legit our expressions watching the match:

People still couldn’t get past the team selection:

People were lauding Sri Lanka’s team selection:


The young Sri Lankan team had everyone wowed!

Bus kardoh yar!

Many were missing Mickey Arthur:

Many were missing Shahid Afridi too!

Some loyal fans also came forward to support Umar Akmal:

People also thought how the team was just doesn’t right:

People were still in disbelief:

Zindagi barbaad how gaya!

And while the Indians were busy trolling us, we had some really good shots fired!

People were questioning Sarfaraz’s captaincy as well:

Some had better plans for him:

But there were some dheet fans:

People came forward to support Sarfaraz:

People were coming to support Misbah as well:

Many think that everyone’s to blame:

What do you think about the current team? Let us know in the comments below!

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