Tara Mahmood Gets Bombarded With Comments, Asking Her Father Shafqat Mehmood To Close Educational Institutes!

Getting used to the online arrangement for classes and examinations in the wake of the pandemic, students in Pakistan have been upset over Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood’s decision to reopen educational institutes and appear in physical examinations rather than the online ones.

Netizens, more specifically students, just discovered that Tara Mahmood is Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood’s daughter

When they saw that their hashtags made no difference to his decision they turned Tara Mahmood’s comment section into a plea-ground asking her to convince her dad to close the educational institutes:


Bus akhri dafa!


There were way too many comments:


Students presented her with their arguments:


Some didn’t mind going to college, it was the exams that they had a problem with:


Yeh kya logic hui?


Students just weren’t happy with physical examinations:


Medical waalay had their own ronay:


Students really had no chill:


Emotional blackmailing, hain?


Students were literally begging her to convince her dad:


Students even came down to making a deal being her fans:




And while students were typing away their pleas, others found it to be hilarious!

What do you think about students commenting on Tara Mahmood’s pictures asking her to convince her father to reverse the decision? Let us know in the comments below!




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