Taher Shah’s Sad Tweet Makes People Think He’s Hurt & They’re Ready To Fight For Their King!


If there’s one singer that we wait for to release a single, its Taher Shah. Making his debut with the iconic eye to eye that even caught Ranveer Singh’s attention, the singer has gathered a lot of fans and followers on all social media platforms.

Sharing his wisdom on twitter, Taher Shah shared his take on falling in love, comparing it to a burning candle:

And netizens want to know of everything’s okay:


Yes please!

People wanted to know who hurt him:

Truth bombs and only truth bombs!

Fans assured him they were right beside him:



People offered him solutions:


People are calling it the last thing that 2020 has to offer:

His tweet made people feeling all sorts of ways:

People were thinking of it as his new song:

People found the message he was trying to convey:

Hahaha, true!

Us too!


What do you think about Taher Shah’s take on falling in love? Let us know in the comments below!

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