Tabdeeli Aa Nahi Rahi Tabdeeli Agayi Hai: 79% Pakistanis Haven’t Watched Any Indian Movie In The Past Year!

With the ban on Indian content throughout the country, a survey was carried out to see how many Pakistanis still watched Indian content, movies especially. And the results spoke for themselves as 79% Pakistanis claimed that they haven’t seen a single Indian movie in the past year despite the lockdowns and the pandemic where they had time to spare.


People were loving the ban for once:

People were proud of their fellow Pakistanis:


People wanted to take the number to a 100%:

People were sharing how they hadn’t watched any Indian movies in years!

And they continue stealing our songs:

Lol 😂


Jo baat hai:


People wanted the industry to make use of this opportunity:


Yeh bhi hai:

And while some were appreciating the stats, others shared how they citizens hadn’t even seen a single Pakistani movie during the past year:

Makes sense:

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