#BoycottMorningWithJugganKazim Trends On Twitter Over Questionable Content!

Clip from a recent episode of Morning With Juggan Kazim where she called famous tiktokers is doing rounds on social media gathering all sorts of criticism from netizens:

And people have a lot to say!

People were questioning the quality of content:

Just vibing!

People were tagging PEMRA:


People were sharing how morning shows don’t align with our values:

People had questions:

People were sharing the difference morning shows could make:

People were throwing shade on tiktok stars and the media:

People wanted the show to be banned:


People were reminding PEMRA that this is Pakistan:

People had their theories:

People were calling it a new low for Pakistani media:

People were quick to judge the contestant with a beard:

You don’t!


And while many were criticising the content, others reminded them that they weren’t being forced to watch it:

People were sharing how they didn’t find anything wrong:

What do you think of the way netizens have reacted? Let us know in the comments below!


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