Subhan Awaan is the gentleman the internet’s been drooling over!

A lot happened at the Fashion Pakistan Week last week and while a lot of things went viral, one gentleman in particular caught the internet’s eye!

During the walk for Sadaf Fawad Khan’s bridals, one of the models broke her shoe. And that’s where her fellow model Subhan Awaan came to her rescue and helped her take off her shoes and walk, and the internet just can’t stop gushing about it!

The model was definitely #HusbandGoals material:

People were already shipping the duo!

People were sad…


People found who he was!

We definitely do!

People were lauding Subhan:


This certainly was a gesture that’ll be remembered for days to come!

Some couldn’t believe this was a desi man:

His mommy has him raised right!

There was love from other countries too!

They do, you’ve just got to look carefully!

People were living for the sweet gesture:

The content we all had joined Twitter for:

He even won hearts across the border:

It is!

He was definitely a hot favourite:


It was the best thing some had seen all day:

The man we all need!

Worth all the attention!

We do too!

Aisay toh na bolo yar 💔

Here here!

And while many were loving the gesture by Subhan, there were a few who weren’t amused:

Some had serious questions:

Haha, it was a little crazy 😂

And there were a few skeptical ones:

What do you think about Subhan’s sweet gesture? Let us know in the comments below!

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