Star Skin Care Secrets​:​​ Redah Misbah

Her amazing work and constant contribution to help the women of this country has made her a star in everyone’s eyes but one thing we cant get our eyes off is her FLAWLESS skin! Listed below are her 5 favorite skin care products which give her such goddess skin:

Guinot BiOXygene Oxygenating Cream

“The reason this tops my list is because I’m a strong believer in continuously changing your skin care regime products because it’s impossible your skin requires the same treatment all year round but this product I just can’t get enough of! For all skin types this product is packed with vitamin e and green tea extracts that give all over protection, aid in cell rejuvenation and also has an anti ageing effect.”

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

“I always switch to this cleanser as soon as Autumn comes just because I want a lighter exfoliater 2 times a week, as soon as the weather changes- using a trio of active exfoliants and jojoba polishing beads this cleanser leaves the skin free of dead skin cells, reduces dullness and revitalises skin.”

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Masque

“This is my one splurge beauty buy and I love it! It contained pineapple and papaya enzymes that when paired with paired alpha and beta hydroxy acids leave my skin feeling super silky, visibly even in tone, tightens pores and reduced fine wrinkles. I’m also really big on scents and this product just smells divine!”

Conatural Body Butter

“I swear by Conatural and the more products I try from their range the more I am amazed at how good the results are. This product is organic; free from parabens and silicones and is enriched with a blend of minerals and natural oils with shea butter, giving complete hydration.”

Gilden Trees Shea Butter

“This is my quick fix for complete restoration and hydration specially when I’m travelling because it comes in a mini travel size that I can’t fly without. It’s got 95% Shea butter which makes it the best substitute, in my opinion for Elizabeth Ardens 8hour Cream, I use this for almost anything chapped lips, dry elbows, cracked heels.. Name it and this miracle product will solve it!”

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