Sonya Hussyn Calls Autism A Mental Illness, Gets Schooled!

In an attempt to destigmatize mental illness and introduce fans to her new project Saraab, Sonya Hussyn found herself under fire for mentioning autism in the list of mental illness:

The well-intentioned post by Sonya Hussyn went south when followers pointed out her mistake:

And things could have gone well if Sonya had just admitted her mistake and apologized, but she chose to reply with a very problematic statement, terming autism as one of the symptoms of schizophrenia:

And the netizens lost their cool:

People wanted her to educate herself before posting such comments:

Others wanted to remind her of Google:

People were demanding an apology:

Others wanted the industry to stop exploiting mental illness to sell their dramas:

Mental health professionals were furious!

People were schooling her on the fine line between the two:

Some found it funny how they’re trying to destigmatize something they have no idea about:

Fans wanted her to take the comments positively and educate herself:

Others pointed out how autism wasn’t the only mismatch in the list:

People were disappointed:

What do you think about Sonya Hussyn’s uninformed comment on autism? Let us know in the comments below!

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