Someone Spotted Shadab’s Female Version In The Stadium & It’s Spot On!

We may have lost the semi-final but we’re clearly not losing on the meme game. Fans, ever since the loss at the semi-final, have been living for the matches Pakistan played throughout the tournament, watching and re-watching the iconic wins.

And one such fan, while she was at it, spotted Shadab’s look-alike in the crowd and posted it to Twitter to see if others found the resemblance uncanny:

And fellow netizens sure did!

Jo baat hai 😍

Dead 😂



You always learn something new every day:

Help 😭😭😭

Well, all-smiles for the camera:


We know, right?


Neither can we!


The amount of details people notice!

Do you find the two looking similar? Let us know in the comments below!

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