Someone On Twitter Asked Women If They Were Okay With Their Husband’s Female Friends & Here’s What They Have To Say!

A girl on twitter has stirred up the debate if women are okay with their husband having a lot of female friends:

And they’ve got lots to say!


That’s exactly how it should be!


Yes ma’am!

Some were absolutely fine with it:

You go, girl!

Jo baat hai!

And while some were totally cool with their husbands having female friends, others were not okay!

They had their reasons though:


Some were willing to give up their possessiveness:

Some shared how both of them keep their distance from the opposite gender:

Umm, okay!

Some took the middle road:


Some believed that it should work both ways:

Some were appalled at the possessiveness!

And while the question was for women to answer, men also jumped in:

Toxic partner, check!

Interesting take…

Some asked the same question from men:

What are your thoughts on this matter? Let us know in the comments below!

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