Someone leaked Marvi Sirmed’s number and the replies will leave you speechless!

Journalist Marvi Sirmed has been facing a ton of backlash at the hands of patriarchal males and females after she appeared in a talk show on Aurat March where Khalil ur Rehman Qamar got triggered and hurled abuses at her. She’s also been getting a ton of support from celebrities and netizens who have been standing with her the entire time.

But this time, things have gone way too far after someone leaked her contact details to the public and she’s been facing bullying and harassment of all sorts:

Aurat hi aurat ki dushman hai:

As Marvi took to Twitter to share the unfortunate turn of events, the replies that people had were beyond disgusting, from body shaming to slut shaming to death threats, she had to go through it all:

All possible attacks of patriarchal men summed up in one tweet:

Some thought she deserved it:

And while most of the comments are too vile to post, there has been a wide array of love and support pouring in for Marvi:

Sadly true:

Another day, another activist:

People were lauding her bravery:

A sick society indeed:

Enough of men roaming around with zero sense of accountability:

Gulalai Ismail shared a little something from personal experience:

It was upsetting how filthy the replies were:

People wanted her to have the best:

Many were embarrassed and disgusted:

She was an inspiration to many:

Many were suggesting that she reports them all:


Pakistani men in a nutshell:

People were sending her love:


Baat toh sach hai:

And then they say women have all the rights:

Honestly, some of the most disgusting replies we’ve ever seen:

People who had disagreed with her had their reservations too against the harassment:

What do you think about the replies under Marvi’s tweet? Let us know in the comments below!

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