Shehzad Roy’s Encounter With A Fan Sans Mask & His Father Leaves People Divided!

Musician Shehzad Roy is one of the most humble and approachable celebrities in the industry, but a recent encounter with a fan and his parent left him feeling a little overwhelmed! He took to Twitter to share a shocking encounter he had with a fan and his father, here’s what happened:

In his own words Shehzad Roy explained the situation on twitter and also clarified that the fan’s father himself wasn’t wearing a mask, and the netizens are by his side!



Jo baat hai:

People were lauding him for doing the right thing:

Makes sense!


People were disappointed at how lightly people are taking the pandemic:

People were sorry too read what had happened:

People found the dad’s logic to be foolish!

RIP logic:


And while many agreed he did the right thing, others were criticising his tone:

People were expecting a more diplomatic answer from him:

Some shared better ways of dealing with the situation:

People were sharing what they would have done if they were in his place:

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