Shaniera Akram Asked Pakistanis To Guess What Team She’ll Be Supporting In Pak VS Aus

With Pakistan qualifying for the semifinals, it will be facing Australia from the other pool in the semifinals. And while the nation’s morale is high, thanks to the brilliant team, people can’t help but wonder what team Shaniera will be rooting for:

And they’re taking their guesses!

There was advice from George Fulton:

Middle ground?

Yeh cheez!

Be with the winning team in the end!




Lol, what?


Shots were fired at India:

Let’s see:

People wanted her to take advice from Sania Mirza:


Baat toh sach hai:


No judgement from us:

Jo baat hai!

What team do you think Shaniera will be cheering for? Let us know in the comments below!

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