Shahroz Sabzwari Extends His Support To Karachi Kings & Twitter Is On Fire!

With only a few hours until the PSL final, twitter has become a war zone with A plus banter and fans rooting for their favourite teams!

Among the promotions, the official PSL accounts for finalists Lahore and Karachi were sharing videos of celebrities supporting the teams, and one video in particular featuring Shahroz Sabzwari has fans rethinking their decision!

The video spread like wild fire and tweeple are not coming slow!

People wanted LQ to win for Syra:

Confused fans had found their only reason to support Lahore:

Haha, you do you!

People were willing to lose happily after the video surfaced the internet:

Memes were flowing in to show people’s reactions:

The iconic Moin Akhtar meme made its way to the replies:

People were getting demanding!


We stan!

People had questions:

We wonder what happened so sudden?

People were officially withdrawing their support for Karachi Kings:


Friendships were ending:

Good for you!

People were thanking team Karachi Kings for clearing their vision:

People were calling out on the marketing team for KK:

Lmao 😂

People thought it was satire 😂

People couldn’t help but bring the latest Syra-Shehryar shoot in between!

What team are you supporting today? Let us know in the comments below!

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