Razai Behen Bhai Married? Has ‘Juda Huay Kuch Iss Tarhan’ Gone Too Far? Netizens Protest!

Every now and then there comes a drama so bold that it makes us question if it’s gone way too far, and while we crave for refreshing plots and nail-biting twists, one, in particular, has netizens up in arms!

HumTV’s drama serial Juda Huay Kuch Iss Tarhan revolves around the plot where first cousins who got married turn out to be foster siblings, and to add to the story, they’re even expecting a baby. And while the drama will, hopefully, offer a solution to the problem, it’s exceeded what the netizens could take:

Some weren’t too surprised!

People were calling it a prequel to Game Of Thrones:

Thinking out of the box 🤡


Even we’re confused at this point:


People were furious!

People were suggesting SNC for the writers:

People were looking for Ansar Abbasi and PEMRA:


Not the new people were looking for:

People were appalled to see who the writer was:

They really did!

Razai behen bhai ko bhi toh samjho:



What do you think about the plot? Let us know in the comments below!

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