Pakistanis Share The Fondest Memories Of Their Grandmothers & It’s The Most Heartwarming Thing!

Grandparents are easily our first pair of best friends, whether it’s running up to them to avoid being yelled at by our parents or for that sneaky extra candy every time we say goodbye, they’re just so precious!

And someone on Twitter asked Pakistanis what their fondest memories of their grandmother were:

And their replies are just too wholesome to miss!

Same! 💕


She really saw it all happen:

We love this!

Ah, all grandmothers gave us money sneakily for snacks:

We’ve all made our dadi’s and nani’s hair!

Haha, aww! 🥺



Grandmothers really are precious!

Omg, so cool!

We adore!


I swear!


Thandi chha’on!

Same, it’s so hard choosing just one!


What are your fondest memories with your grandmother? Let us know in the comments below!

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