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Perfumes are a luxurious indulgence that can elevate one’s mood and boost confidence. When you gift yourself a fragrance, it becomes a self care ritual, providing a sensory experience that enhances your overall well-being. It is a tangible expression of self love and appreciation. 

For others, receiving a carefully chosen perfume signifies thoughtfulness and consideration. It shows your attention to their individual tastes, showing that you value and understand them on a personal level. 

Ideas exquisite Fragrance Collection, catering to every member of your family. The allure of their perfumes lies not just in their captivating scents, but in the lasting capacity that sets them apart. 


Perfumes for Him

There is a diverse range that Ideas offers in men fragrances, from the sophistication of EAU DE PARFUM, to the refreshing allure of Body Sprays and Deodorant Sprays. The carefully crafted scents are designed to make a lasting impression, ensuring ‘he’ stands out in every occasion. 

The unique blend of notes in each fragrance promises a sensory experience that lingers throughout the day. Getting the best perfumes for men is easy with the vast range that Ideas presents. 

Our favourites are as below:

This is a heart winning perfume for men by Ideas. This men perfume is artfully crafted to resonate with the modern man who appreciates a fragrance that mirrors his multifaceted personality. It is a long lasting fragrance and has a certain strong masculine feel about it. It is a must buy this season if you want to impress those in your circle.

This perfume falls under the category of citrus ambery. It has a long lasting fragrance which is sure to grab you compliments on your excellent choice of fragrance. 

The top notes burst forth with invigorating freshness that of blackcurrant, apple and pineapple. The heart of this fragrance is that of Jasmine and the base has a prominent presence of our favourite musk. It is perfect for both morning and afternoon use. 


Perfumes for Her

Discover the enchanting world of women perfume, where EAU DE PARFUM meets the subtle allure of Body Sprays. This collection by Ideas mirrors the multifaceted nature of every woman, offering fragrances suitable for every occasion. Ideas has an amazing collection of deodorant sprays that you are surely to fall in love with. The lasting capacity of perfumes by Ideas becomes a signature, leaving an indelible mark wherever she goes. Have a look at our favourites below:

This women perfume is fruity and floral in essence; it is an extraordinary combination of rose. sandalwood, amber and musk. This blend of ingredients conjures an image of a woman who has grace and is confident while navigating the complexities of life with poise. This perfume is soon going to become your favourite fragrance for lifetime.

Spring represents flowers and their fragrance along with nature and that is exactly how you will feel wearing this perfume by Ideas. The floral accord evokes a sense of femininity and vitality, capturing the very essence of spring’s floral abundance. It is a mesmerizing combination of essence taken from red berries and tube roses whereas the heart of it is lilies, lilac and jasmine. 


Perfumes for Kids

The kids perfume collection combines playful scents with a gentle touch, ensuring they embark on their day with freshness and joy. They are perfect for the little ones close to your heart. Each fragrance is carefully made to be age appropriate, making it a delightful addition to their routine. 

Our favourites are as below:

Created by Ideas, a brand known for its innovative and child-friendly products Baby Shark Blue aims to make every little boy’s daily routine a fun and sensory experience. 

This is a soft perfume for boys. The main fragrance of this perfume is that of white musk, amber and vanilla; which will stay with the wearer for the whole day. The top note of this perfume is fruity; which is the spirit of this perfume making it the first choice of boys with an adventurous nature. It belongs to floral powdery musky fragrance family.

This is a soft perfume for girls. The heart of this perfume is that of vanilla; which is an all time favourite in fragrances. The base note is that of musk; which stays for longer hours. It belongs to the sweet musky family. The combination of all these notes is what makes this perfume every girl’s favourite!


Navigating this extensive range is a breeze on Ideas website. You can tailor your search using Filters such as Fragrance Type, Fragrance Size, Occasion, Intensity and Fragrance Family. Whether you are looking for a bold fragrance for a special event or a subtle everyday scent, the filters at Ideas website streamline the selection process, ensuring you find the perfect match.

Now you can gift the enchantment of lasting fragrances to yourself and your loved ones. Shopping online from Ideas Winter Sale is effortless with the nominal flat shipping rate of PKR 99 across Pakistan. Ideas offer a 30 day worry free exchange policy which ensures that your satisfaction remains the priority. Happy Shopping!

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