People sharing the silliest duas they made as kids and it will take you back to your childhood


We’ve always been told ‘bachon ki dua jaldi qubool hoti hai’ and the internet is sharing what these bachas wished for back in the days and it’ll take you right back to your childhood!


Haha, same!


The kind of friend everyone needs!




Ek snickers bar!


Fans hon toh aisay!


When the technology wasn’t all that advanced, if you missed a song, you missed it!


Omg, same!


Kinda genius and adorable at the same time!


This one time I prayed to wake up as captain planet, so I can relate!


When fashion is your passion 😂




Watching them duas come true:


This girl and her love for kajal!




Haha, the burn!


The amount of times we’ve shared the ultimate falling-in-love plan, Allah hi jaanta hai:




Your part of the dua got answered, cable waalay ne nai mangi hogi :p


You tried your best!




This is so cute!


The question is, did you win?


Ma’am, we feel attacked!


Truth bombs!


Those are some amazing duas!


Ladies and gentlemen:


I still do 😂


Pretty sure your dua didn’t come true:


If only it was this easy 😭


Some had their priorities set straight from the beginning:


Been there:


Hahahahahahaha, not even going to ask why:


I think all the 90s kids did:


What did you ask for in your duas as a kid? Let us know in the comments below!

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