People Are Sharing ‘Pakistan Ka Quomi Jhoot’ And We Have Heard Them All!

We’ve all lied at one point or another to save ourselves, kabhi hum “bus 5 minute door” hotay hain and kabhi we listen to our entire ringtone not wanting to talk and then call back later saying “phone silent pe tha.”


Netizens today are sharing their most told lies and we bet you’ve used one of these lies at least once!


Baraat 8pm, dinner 9pm:




Oops, guilty!


Pura din light nai thi:


Ooooh, the shade!




Phir highest marks bhi in hi ke aatay hain:


The amount of variants this message has 😂




Hahaha, the amount of times we’ve heard this:


Girls, read:


Only a true bargain-er can relate!


Is se bara jhoot kya hoga:


Ek network waalay hi special feel kerwaatay the, woh jhoot bhi pakra gaya!


Abhi dekha bus:


“Hamesha ap se hi letay hain:”


According to Whatsapp university, it’s true:


Bari jaldi yaad agaya:


When you almost get caught being online:






Lmao, jhooti taareefain!


Kehte toh sub hain:


How many of these lies have you used? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I can’t live without you.
    Mai sab thk krdunga.
    Yar bht busy tha.
    Yar mob kharab hogya hay.

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