People are losing their faith in humanity after lawyers attacked PIC

While the country woke up to the good news of international test cricket coming back to Pakistan, Lahore witnessed a violent turn of events after the angry protesting lawyers attacked the PIC causing a havoc!

The lawyers were protesting against a video that went viral on social media:

And the internet is calling it a black day for the country:

People were scared:

Mob violence is never okay:

People are demanding that suo moto notice be taken of the barbaric event:

A woman passed away due to the unavailability of doctors and the footage of her son narrating the incident is heart breaking:

The information minister of Punjab was also attacked by the mob when he reached there to help resolve the issues:

Patients who had nothing to do with it lost their lives:

People wanted the lawyers to be punished:

Hard to believe that lawyers, of all the people, will do something like this:

People were calling it an act of terrorism:


Violence is fostered indeed:

Some were calling it a pre planned murder:

Fellow lawyers were ashamed of their profession:

Some were calling it a criminal offense:

People were furious and wanted the lawyers behind bars!

The incident had people losing faith in humanity:

Reportedly, 2 FIRs have been registered following the violent incident:

Our hearts go out to the deceased and everyone affected by the tragic events of yesterday. Here’s to hoping that better sense prevails.

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