People Are Living For The Wholesome Letters People Used To Write Back In The Days!

If there’s anything that’ll remain a classic till the end of time, it’s letters, and especially love letters!

Taking to twitter, this girl shared a picture of the letters her parents wrote to each other:

And the internet was smitten!


People couldn’t help but adore the letters!

I mean, kind of:

Same, girl!


Us too!

Okay, wow!

Someone, please write us a letter too!

Some found themselves born in the wrong generation:

We stan the idea!

Lucky you!


Haye, so cute!

Shots were fired!

We sure do!

You do what you need to do!

Jo baat hai!

Omg, we all can relate!

Yeh bhi hai!



Lmao 😂

Pretty sure our kids would want the same then 😂

Have you ever written or received a letter? Don’t you miss it? Let us know in the comments below!

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