People are living for Hamza and Naimal’s simple wedding!


Over the years we’ve gotten tired of seeing big fat weddings and while spending on weddings is a personal choice, no one minds saving up on them. Hamza and Naimal have taken the internet by storm with their rustic, simple and beautiful wedding and people are all for it!


People particularly loved how Naimal didn’t go bonkers on ber wedding dress, but rather chose to revamp her mother’s wedding dress:


It served to be an ideal wedding for many:


Short and simple, just like they should be:


People were glad that celebrities were setting the right example:




People were loving the minimalistic decor:


Well, not exactly the first but one of the very few couples, yes!


Yaaas, a trend we stan!


We hope so too!


People were also loving how there were no judgments or negativity:


People found it refreshing that the wedding was short and classy:


Even those who dislike Hamza were lauding him:


Oh, definitely!


The bar has been raised!


And while many were appreciating the simplicity, some pointed out how it’s a very personal matter:


What did you think about Hamza and Naimal’s beautiful wedding? Is it a trend that should be picked up widely? Let us know in the comments below!

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