People are lauding the Sindh Government for their efforts to combat Corona

With an alarming number of more than 104 cases being tested positive for coronavirus in Sindh, the Sindh government is doing everything it can, in it’s capacity, to help contain and fight the virus.

Seeing a ton of things actually being thoroughly implemented left the citizens surprised and the internet is lauding the government for their tireless efforts, starting with the biggest isolation facility in Sukkur!

People were all for the ban on haording essentials:

Lawyer and activist Jibran Nasir too lauded the Sindh government for their thorough check and balance:

The government also installed health desks at airports to scan the patients:

Health care staff at the airport was well taken care of:

The government that has been urging people to stay home also revealed that if the need be they’ll close malls and restaurants too!

Even those who weren’t a fan of the Sindh government gave them their dur credit:

People were impressed with Murad Ali Shah’s hands on approach:

The government also announced sending ration to those under quarantine:

Such an achievement!

There are through efforts to socially distance people:

Credit where it’s due:

Revised academic calender was also released:

Shehzad Roy also appreciated the efforts:

People kept their differences of opinion aside to stand united against corona:

It definitely is:

Even the World Health Organization(WHO) lauded the efforts of the government:

They were the ones who suggested that the matches be held in empty stadiums:

They also introduced a travelling guide for transporters:

They also distributed pamphlets all over the province to raise awareness:

People were calling the governed a hero:

It has been the wisest for sure:

And while many were appreciating the government, some had a different opinion:

What do you think about the efforts of Sindh government? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Good to Great!
    I really appreciate Proactive approach for Covid-19
    I am not any party person but I really appreciate Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah.

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