#Parizaad Takes Over Twitter Trends After Ahmed Ali Akbar Reunites With Family

We and all drama buffs like us have only one thing that gets us excited for Tuesdays, and it’s Parizaad. Being fully invested in the story line, celebrating and crying with Pari, now, P. Z. Mir, the drama has been an absolute hit and continues getting better with every new episode.

Last night, the audience finally got to see Parizaad crossing paths with Lubna (Mashal Khan,) his scheming brothers and sister-in-laws, and his sister Sayeeda. We also got to see Yumna Zaidi making her way into the story as RJ Annie. Loving every bit of the episode last night, fans have been trending the hashtag #Parizaad to laud the developments:

And here’s what they’ve got to say:

Words to remember:

This scene was so heartwarming!

So fast:

People loved Pari and his sister reuniting:

They do!

People were sharing how the drama exposes the hypocrisies of the society:


People were sharing their favourite dialogues:

We know, right? GO PARI!

People wanted the drama to be available on Netflix:


Us too!

The power these scenes had:

Yeh toh hai!

Us too 😭

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