Pakistanis Spotted Shan Masala In Gigi Hadid’s Kitchen & It Made Their Day!


Pakistanis and their love for Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid remains unmatched! First it was the baby, then baby names and now it’s the use of a masala that’s breaking the internet.

Posting a picture of all the spices in her kitchen, people were quick to notice Shan’s Seekh Kabab Masala on the side:

And twitter approves of it!

Haha, ample of them!

People were also amazed at her knowing haldi:

Ideas for Ramzan ads were floating:

Bruh, we only use boxed masalas:

People were waiting for the seekh kabab recipe to drop next!

The approval we didn’t know we needed 😂

I have a feeling she isn’t referring to the masala:


People were happy to see her knowing her tastes:

Jo baat hai!

Yes we can!



Some even came up with a tagline for Shan 😂

Were you able to spot the Shan masalas in her story? Let us know in the comments below!

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