Pakistanis Share Which Celebrity Death Hit Them The Hardest!

Celebrities play a big role in our lives, they influence us, they make a special place in our hearts, it’s a whole different connection!

And today netizens are sharing which celebrity death hit them the hardest:

And we can’t help but relate to the replies!

People were sharing how Junaid Jamshed’s death hurt them:

What an icon!

Amjad Sabri hit us all differently:



People were also sharing how political figures and their deaths affected them:


I think we all died a little!

A legend!

Amir Zaki ♥

Gone too soon!

Still remember the disbelief that came with Bob Woolmer’s death:

Ooof! 😭

Nazia Hassan sure is an irreplaceable loss!

What an asset!

Which celebrity’s death hit you the hardest? Let us know in the comments below!

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