Pakistanis Share Their National Lies & They’re Not Holding Back!

There have been so many times that we’ve heard the same lies over and over again and today the netizens are not coming slow as they answer one question:

Yes, it’s the national lies of Pakistan that we’ve all heard!

The biggest lie!


And then when you go, dastarkhwaan khud lagana parta hai!

Evergreen topi for when you’re late to work!

That’s more like a national hobby:


Aaah, the classic traffic jam!

Me as I watch my phone ring for the 5th time in a row:

Hum ghabra rahe hain!

Hahaha, set ho?

Sub jhoot!

The best repellant!

Tch tch tch:

Read: mera yehi matlab tha:

Ab khayal araha hai?

Them nibbas!

Haha, we’ve all been here!

Inteha ho gayi, intezaar ki!

What are the lies you’ve spoken or have heard? Let us know in the comments below!

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