Pakistanis Share The Captions Every Desi Guy Loves Using & They’re Way Too Funny!


Desi guys and their random captions are something that remain beyond us, and today, a girl on Twitter asked people to reply her using only desi guy captions:

And the replies have us thinking of every desi guy’s caption we’ve seen!


Hahaha, this has us dying!

Yar 😂

Oof, we’ve seen so many!

The Weeknd lyrics, again!

Hahaha, this sounds like one of those forward messages back in the days:

Admi hai ya micellar water?




Every desi guy ever!

Truck shayiri, right here!

The amount of times we’ve seem this happen!

Hahaha, I can’t 😂😂

Bohemia lyrics:

Thak gaye hain yeh parh parh ke:

Every damn time:

Truck shayiri, again 😂


Literally all guys:

What are the desi guy captions you’ve seen way too many times? Let us know in the comments below!

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