Pakistanis Share Fond Memories Of Their Fathers & It’s Heart Warming!

Celebrating Father’s Day yesterday, netizens have been sharing the most precious little photos and memories of their fathers. A Twitter user went on to ask fellow tweeple about their fathers:

And the replies are absolutely heart warming!


Sajji over history exam anyday!


Ooof ❤️

Hahaha, dads and their obsession with 100% battery:


Gotta love dads!


We need more people like him!

So relatable!

Haha, all dads!

Gotta laud his passion!

So precious!

We stan this king!

We’re melting!



Love it!

Same 🥰

What a strong man!

Such a sweet man!

Most of us can relate!


Same 🥲

What are your fondest memories of your dad? Let us know in the comments below!

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