Pakistanis Revisit How Old They Are With Their Favourite Snacks & Beverages!

Back in the days before Coke and Pepsi were dominant, we had favourites of our own. And this guy has desi twitter sharing how old they are after he shares a reminder of the real OG cold drink, Teem:

And people are adding how old they are:

Omg, Dentonic and it’s iconic ad!

Used to love it!

RC cola made an appearance multiple times in the replies:

Where the 80’s people at?



Omg, bubble your name!

Who remembers Naz’s ad?

Ah, major missing!

Fishing game and the focus we had:

Haha, it still is our nani’s remedy for stomach ache:

Okay, clearly we’re not this old:


For real?

We swear drinks tasted 10 times better in thhelis:

Today’s kids will never 😭

Someone take us back!

Ah, Polka ice cream!

Haha, floppies ke zamaanay:

We had slam books back then:

Ay, our favourite biscuit!

How old are you? Share with us snacks and beverages of your time that you miss in the comments below!

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