Pakistanis are sharing things that should be normalized in society and the list is long!

We live in a society where we’re continuously being scrutinized by others, anything out of the norms is frowned upon and there have been so many times that we wished certain things were a part of the norm.

Keeping in mind the same ‘ifs’ and ‘whats,’ netizens are sharing a list of things they wished were normalized and they’ll have you agreeing with most of them:

I mean, it’s only normal, right?


Well 👀


Without the haww and hayes!

Yes please!

We stan!

Stop with the judgements, yes!

Everyone can cry!

Yes x 1000:

A divorced daughter is better than a dead one:

Haww, maa ne kuch nai sikhaya?

This tweet speaks for so many!

Our Prophet(PBUH) did the same:


Especially in Karachi and Lahore!

Mental health is important:

It’s dangerous!


Corona has people doing simple marriages though:

This tweet is so important!

Can we please normalize this asap?

This is a right given to us by our God, no one can take it away from us:

Let’s stop glorifying CSS exams!

Without people asking for proof, just listening to them this one time:

We’ve seen a few, but we await the day we’ll see them everywhere!


This needs to be normalised this Ramadan:

Live and let live:

Oh, we can relate!

Hehe, sounds kind of impossible, but okay :p

Jeez, we hope this gets normalized soon!

What things do you wish could be normalized? Let us know in the comments below!

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