Pakistanis Are Sharing Their Very First Phone & Its Nostalgic!

It seems like smartphones have been with us since forever, and to take a trip down the memory lane, netizens are sharing the very first phone they had and it’ll drown you in nostalgia!

The iconic 3310:

Omg Sony Erricson!

The real OG!


Everyone at Starplus had it too 🤣


The way it’s keypad used to switch colours 😍

Ah, loved it!

Remember the blackberry era? Because same 😭

Oh boy, seeing that memory card brings back lots of memories!

And the gorgeous Iman Ali in the ad 🥺


Haha, these were the coolest phone back in the day:

Lmao, and the three songs it had 🤣

9/10 can relate 😭

Honestly, N series ke bharam hi alag the!

The satisfaction of flipping the phone to end calls remains unmatched!

Only true music lovers would know!

Loved typing on this keypad!

Omg this was the coolest phone!

Love it!

Oh dear, when HTC phones were everything!

Haha, yeh bhi theek hai!

Also, the ads that Q-mobile used to release, from Bollywood to Lollywood, sub the!

What was your first phone? Share with us in the comments below!

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