Pakistanis Are Sharing Their Favourite Street Poetry & It’s Iconic!

Poetry waqayi bhari hai humare ang ang mei, be it heart break, life lessons, deep thoughts or being in love, we’ve got a shair or two literally everywhere: on the trucks, cars, walls and even on our hearts!

And today the netizens are sharing their favourite street poetry, thanks to this thread on twitter:

People just kept on adding!

Oof, who hurt him 😡



Because simplicity is the queen of all beauty:

Where’s the lie?

Yar 😂

Lmao 😂

NAB shocked, our poet rocked!

Bhai bhai, bhai bhai:

Yar 💔

All nasha is bad:


Ayein hayein 🙊


Not on the road at least:


Jo baat hai:

Vicious circle:


What’s your favourite street poetry? Let us know in the comments below!

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