Pakistanis Are Recommending Dramas That Turkey Can Air & We Love The Recommendations!

2020 was the year for Ertugrul in Pakistan, the series came and conquered the hearts of the citizens breaking all records!

And to make it even, Pakistanis have suggestions on what Turkey should air, starting with Ehd e Wafa:


Fair enough:


MPTH, yes!

Oh boy, it’ll be a massive hit!

Haha, same!

Inko dekho zara:

Some weren’t too amused:

Yeh bhi theek hai:

Ma’am, do you want war?


People weren’t okay with Ehd e Wafa:

Some thought we didn’t have anything to match Ertugrul:

People were sharing how Turkey and Pakistan are collaborating on a series of their own:


What series would you recommend if Turkey was to air Pakistani content? Let us know in the comments below!


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