Pakistanis are picking their favourite biscuits and it’s getting pretty tough!

Pakistanis take their biscuits very seriously, be them for dunking into their tea or just having a little snack, we absolutely know what we want!

And today on Twitter, people have been arguing on the ultimate top 10 biscuits:

And the debate is nowhere near settling!

People couldn’t believe cocomo wasn’t on the list!

Fans toh Munna biscuits ke bhi bohat the:

Some were happy to go down the memory lane:

Batao batao?

Meray deiss ka biscuit Gala!

Some were appalled!

Desi aur sastay Oreo:

Haye koi 50/50 waapas lay aye!

We’re wondering the same!

Jam hearts toh bus ❤

Zeera plus is an acquired taste!

Jo baat hai!

Some were advocating for Rio:

Some made a list of their own:

Some were straight up disappointed at the list:

What biscuits would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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