Pakistan Beats Yet Another Team At Cricket & Memes!


Team Pakistan is at an all-time high this season in the T20 World Cup after it became the first team to qualify for the semifinals by winning every match they’ve played so far in the tournament.

The team also managed to score the highest runs in the tournament so far against Namibia. And celebrating the team, Twitter has been having the biggest meme fest since the last few days:

Bring it on!



Semi-finals mei!

Shots were fired!


People had it all planned 😈

We feel you guys!

Tbh, it’s Babar’s world that we’re living in:

Quick fix!

Indian media always giving us gems!



Warms our hearts!

True 😂

Jo baat hai!



One after another, the team is breaking records!



Yar 😂

It is what it is!

Are you enjoying the tournament and the savage memes? Because we certainly are!

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