Nouhay that will move you to tears


Muharram is incomplete without nouhay, there’s something about these nouhas that directly touches our heart. Here are a few that are guaranteed to move you to tears:


  1. Mujhpe Kyun Band Kerte Ho Pani – Ali Shanawar and Ali Jee


  1. Dil e Dukhtar – Ali Jee


  1. Hussain al Ghareeb – Ali Safdar


  1. Ghabraye gi Zainab – Nasir Jahan


  1. Janum Ya Hussain – Nadeem Sarwar


  1. Khuda Kher Karay – Nadeem Sarwar


  1. Tera Seena Na Labda – Mir Hassan Mir


  1. Mukhtar Ki Jang – Safdar Maulai


  1. Azadar – Nadeem Sarwar


  1. Ayyam-e-Hussain – Farhan Ali Waris


If your favorite Nouha didn’t make it to the list, please mention it in the comments below!

  1. Mai paidal chala karbala~ Farhan Ali
    Pyasi hay sakina~ Farhan Ali
    Ajj karbal mai shabbir mehmaan hah ~Zulfiqar Sherazi

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