Netizens Share What Their Ideal Biscuit To Dunk In Chai & It’s Getting Intense!

Chai is literally the national hot beverage of Pakistan, and we take our chai very seriously!

Keeping up with the theme of chai, netizens are debating what biscuit they think is the best to dunk into their chai, the one that ticks all the boxes and hits the sweet spot!

Here’s what they have to say!

We enjoy them:

Marie was a popular candidate!

Mere des ka biscuit Gala!

Zeera Plus had way too many fans:

Our pick!

Butter puff made it to the list as well:

Did we?


Sooper was super popular too!

Wheatable made it to the list as well:


We love digestive!

It’s good on it’s own though:

And while others were debating on the best biscuits, some believed biscuits and chai don’t go together:




Which biscuit do you love dunking in your chai? Let us know in the comments below!

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