Netizens Share Their Favourite Urdu Words They Use Everyday & We Love Them All!

Urdu is such a beautiful language that we just cant get enough of it and neither can the netizens because they’re sharing with us everyday Urdu words that they love using!

And humain tou sub hi dilchasp lag rahay hain:

Jee has to be the sweetest of them all!

Omg, we love it!

True that!



We’re sad already:


Jo baat hai!

Abay yar!

We love dil-joyi:

You use it everyday? Be our friend!


Something about sabr makes it so powerful:

Sub ka time ayega:

La-makaa’n sounds so poetic though:

Theek hai?

Honestly, ajeeb has it’s own vibe and we love it:

We love yaar!


Aha, the essence!

Also, dar-haqeeqat:


Yes, wehshat!

What’s your favourite Urdu word? Let us know in the comments below!

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