Netizens Share Actors’ Names They Would Like To Play Their Lives & We Love Their Answers!


Let’s face it, we’ve all imagined our lives being a movie at some point in time, with a particular actor/actress in mind.

And today netizens are sharing who they want to play as them and the answers are fun!

Yes please!

People had their reasons:

Omg, please be our friend!

It’ll be iconic!

I think we all know Saba will kill it!


Okay, wow!


We love her!

Haha, yeh cheez!

We can only imagine how gracefully she’ll ace every expression:

We love both!


No one can do it better than him:

You must be so much fun!


The list wouldn’t be complete without Zendaya!



Who said anime doesn’t count?

And while others had someone in mind, some thought no one can play them better than them!

Who would you want to play your part? Let us know in the comments below!

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