Muzz is Putting Rishta Aunties out of Business

What is Muzz

Move over traditional rishta aunties, there’s a new matchmaker in town – Muzz, with its 10 million members and 5 lakh success stories, is here to disrupt the rishta scene in the increasingly digitising Pakistani landscape. Designed with the core values of Islam at its heart, and with frequent reminders to “Keep it halal” on the app, Muzz has brought a much-needed free platform for Muslim matchmaking right into the palms of our hands – literally.

Navigating the app is a seamless experience; users simply sign up and gain access to a wide range of filters tailored to their preferences, from age to location to sect and more. The interface allows users to swipe through profiles with the option to like or pass, and interact with each other only when mutual interest is sparked, providing men and women alike with the much-needed privacy and ease of use in navigating the platform.

This platform is a stark contrast in comparison to traditional methods of matchmaking found in Pakistan, where people have often expressed their dissatisfaction with the process. From objectifying women to reducing men to their finances and assets, the traditional rishta process in Pakistan has long been overdue for a significant change.

As the younger generation enters the market, they are leaning heavily towards platforms that empower them and allow them the privacy and freedom that an app like Muzz grants them, as is evident by the number of users and successful couples that such apps bring together every day.


Muzz’s launch in Pakistan recently with a bang, disrupting traditional beliefs and methods with bold initiatives that captured public attention. Their viral billboard campaign, “Cousin ko chhoro, koi aur dhundo – Join Muzz”, challenged societal norms head-on, encouraging individuals to break free from conventions and embrace modern avenues for finding a partner.

Following this attention-grabbing campaign, Muzz teases a thought-provoking TV commercial that sheds light on the struggles endured by rishta-seekers in traditional matchmaking processes. Through poignant storytelling, the TVC resonates with audiences, highlighting the inefficiencies and limitations of outdated methods.

Despite widespread misconceptions that such apps are only conducive to short-term relationships, Muzz is steadfast in its mission to redefine perceptions. While many may view Muzz as only a dating platform, the app is committed to establishing itself as a premier marriage platform, poised to challenge the dominance of traditional rishta aunties.

By promoting its core values of commitment and compatibility, Muzz aims to not just revolutionise the matchmaking landscape in Pakistan, but also challenge deeply ingrained societal norms with every successful match made.

Unlike other apps that may perpetuate false hope with fabricated success couples, Muzz is fully committed to facilitating genuine connections that lead to marriage. With a range of free features designed to enhance the user experience, including voice and video calling for all members and photo-blurring for women to ensure privacy and security, Muzz prioritises transparency and safety.

Additionally, its premium features such as travel mode further elevate the matchmaking experience, offering users the flexibility to connect with potential partners beyond geographical boundaries.

By providing these tools and resources, Muzz empowers individuals to navigate their journey towards finding their perfect Muslim soulmate with confidence and ease, setting a new standard for excellence in the realm of online matchmaking.

  • Muzz is completely free to sign up.
  • It uses community ratings and badges to promote good behaviour and respect amongst members.
  • It has a very strict verification process to help keep members safe.
  • Free video and voice calling.
  • It has a chaperone feature – allowing users to send chat transcripts directly to their wali.
  • Nothing that violates Islamic laws is allowed.
  • Available in 16 different languages.
  • Profiles allow for lots of detail and description.
  • You can permanently hide profiles you are sick of seeing.


How do you sign up for Muzz?

The sign up is easy, you download the app on your phone, then use your email and phone number  to sign up in under 10 minutes, despite a strict verification policy. There is also selfie verification to check your identity.


Is Muzz free?

It’s completely free to download, register and sign up – including many free features such as chat, voice & video call, filter settings etc.


What is Muzz Gold Membership?

If you want more than the basic offerings there is a paid tier called Muzz Gold. This includes search priorities, unlimited profiles, free daily instant chats, travel mode etc.


Is Muzz only for Muslims?

This marriage app only caters for followers of Islam.


Is Muzz a short-term dating app?

This is definitely not the place for a fling. If you get unmatched the app will ask both parties for feedback, any crass or impolite behaviour will be reflected in your community ratings.


Is Muzz still the best free muslim dating app?

Muzz is available now in over 190 countries, and boasts the largest number of users in any Muslim marriage app, so it has the people’s vote. But the best thing to do is try it for yourself.



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