Mirchi From Chupke Chupke As A Sibling? Netizens Are Sharing What It’d Be Like!

Chupke Chupke has clearly taken the drama fanatics by storm! Trending almost everyday on the internet, fans adore the serial. And one of the fans wants to know what it’d be like to be siblings with Mirchi:

Played to perfection by the very talented Areesha Sultan, here’s what netizens had to say!

She had quite the fans already!

Haha, facts!

No maar, only pyaar!

Mirchi x 5? 😱

Halka nai leliya Mirchi ko?



Chai kahan se agayi beech mei?


Hahaha, man be spillin’ facts!


Not like abhi roz nai ho rahi hoti chhitrol 😂

Jo baat hai!

Desi households mei tou bilkul nai hoti 😭

What do you think about the reactions Mirchi has been getting from fans? Let us know in the comments below!

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