Mehwish Hayat comes back at trolls in the most savage way and we’re living for it!

When it comes to Mehwish Hayat, we know she isn’t the one to mess with. Be it the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz situation or defending her country, she does not give in to the haters!

Mehwish has been really busy representing Pakistan all around the globe, she was recently invited by Emirates to the US Open finals and was rooting for Rafael Nadal:

Mehwish tweeted out how she was grateful for the experience, but people tried trolling her for having no understanding of the game to be rooting for Rafael Nadal:

But knowing our savage diva, not only did she put him back in his place, but also revealed about her avid interest in games such as kabaddi and kushti:

Damn girl, you on fire!

Someone also tried trolling her for her dressing sense:

But Mehwish took the cake with her sarcasm 😂

Oh man, the burn!

A woman also tried shaming Mehwish for her choice of clothes questioning if she was wearing something at all:

And of course, Mehwish had to come back because last she checked she definitely was wearing clothes 😂

Ooooof, Mehwish!

And people were living for Mehwish’s replies:

People found her replies hilarious:

People came out to defend her:

Many came forward to appreciate her:

People were proud of her:

What do you think Mehwish and her savage replies? Let us know in the comments below!

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