Maryam Nawaz Wants To Know If Anyone Had Life As Tough As Her Father & Netizens Have The Funniest Replies!

Looking back at the tough life that Nawaz Sharif has spent, Maryam Nawaz asked people if they’d ever seen anyone spend their life like him:

And the netizens are not coming slow with their replies!

10/10 can relate!

I swear, Rana Sahab has seen it all!

Jeena ke toh maa baap bhi nai hain yar:

We feel for Rajpal Yadav, okay?


I swear!

Poor Tom!

We haven’t either!


Some thought Hira Mani too was right up there:

If the word betrayal had a face 😭

Haha, people were bringing out Humaira Ahmed’s protagonists to the table:

Omg, awaam!

Yeh bhi sahi hai:

Ayyy, our Gopi Bahu:

Haye, Danish! 😭😭😭

Haha, PSL banter was still on for many:

Bichari Meerub!

How can we forget our anime characters?


Saada Harry Puttar!

Jo baat hai!

Meghan Markle made it to the list too!

Bewafa nikli woh!

Who do you think wins the round? Let us know in the comments below!

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