Maria B and Her Husband Release Official Statement on What Actually Happened and the Internet Is Not Okay With It

As Pakistan suffers through the onset of the Coronavirus disease and the citizens practice lockdown, any news of negligence in the country is drawing massive ire. And the latest to feel this anger from the crowds is the popular fashion designer, Maria Butt after news surfaced of her husband, Tahir Saeed being arrested.

In what started as a video being uploaded by Butt about her significant other being taken into custody and an FIR being cut on him, soon turned out to unravel into a bigger story, as it was reported that Saeed had let a COVID-19 positive patient, their cook, return to his hometown of Vehari from Lahore while being fully aware of his disease.

This drew massive aggression from Twitter, which is now teeming with life, as many took to the platform to criticise the designer and her husband.

People were quick to note how this also opened up a discourse on the disparity between the ultra-rich and the poor.

While others came at them daggers drawn.

Twitter was also not letting go of the fact that the designer thought she wasn’t privileged.

After her second statement, many wanted strict action taken against her.

While others criticised the authorities for letting them go due to them being from an elite part of society.

Many also spoke about the designer’s negligence in not seeking treatment for the cook, which people believed she could have afforded.

The ire then grew further, and people asked for Maria B products to be boycotted.

Including her lawn, which is one of her most sought after products.

Tweeple, of course, as per its nature chose to go further in cracking jokes on her name.

They didn’t feel it was alright for her to play the ‘victim card’, either.

The news also drew attention from activists, who claimed that this was criminal negligence.

While others were just not getting over the fact that the husband was given bail due to them being from the elite class.

Others, albeit in a sarcastic manner, questioned the disparities.

Others, of course, weren’t letting go of the HUGE chandelier hanging in Maria B’s house.

Plus, what’s Twitter without some self-reflection, right?

In the end, people just couldn’t deal with how it all went down, and what was yet to come.

Tweeple were also quick to share the response of the authorities after Maria B. and Tahir Saeed released their post-bail statement.

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  1. Disgusting individuals, they can make excuses, i think its clear that they were selfish.
    Im not supporting the maria b brand any longer.
    I like ethical caring honest brands.
    I suggest everyone should do the same.

  2. What do these ‘elite class’ people think that by speaking English they can get away with it. Like corona virus this elite culture also needs to be eliminated for a better, healthy Pakistan.

  3. #BanMariaB … this will be enough punishment for these so called “elite” who think they are above the law and can get away with anything!

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