‘London Nahi Jaunga’ Trailer Brings The Perfect Mix of Drama & Humour To The Forefront!

After celebrating 5 long years of success with Punjab Nahi Jaungi, Nadeem Baig and the ARY team, that brought forward one of Pakistan’s most watched and highest grossing film, return to the cinemas with yet another family-drama classic, London Nahi Jaunga – with an even bigger bang of comedy and theatrics coalescing into the mix!

Earlier, we saw that it was Mehwish Hayat who held up a promise to never go to Punjab, this time it’s Humayun Saeed, who doesn’t want to visit the Queen’s Home. Now, why is that?

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Showcasing a little snippet of the Jutt family, the trailer explores the story of Jameel (Humayun Saeed), who seems to find marriages to be completely useless. However, it isn’t like he hasn’t tried to delve into them – even if it isn’t exactly his idea! But, it seems bad luck ensues on many occasions – one of which it seems is that he’s being betrothed to his cousin (Kubra Khan) who he doesn’t seem to hold much love for.

With all of this going around,  Jameel makes it quite clear that he doesn’t want to marry a Pakistani girl. That’s where, we see Mehwish Hayat’s glamorous and ‘westernised’ character chime in – ensuing dialogues that hint towards Jameel falling in love on his engagement day with her rather than his cousin.

The trailer then goes on a rollercoaster ride of emotions where we see a budding romance, a heartbreak, feudal concerns, and eventually, Jameel promising to never go to London in front of a Panchayat – only to break that promise in the next scene! Big Ben abound, Jameel and his trusty side-kick (essayed by Gohar Rasheed) find themselves on the streets of London, in the search for Mehwish Hayat’s character.

Exploring the final side of the trailer, the story takes the audiences on an adventure towards unrequited love, jealousy and even bigger, family histories that make the story a full-fledged dramatic affair one can’t afford to miss!

Adding to the drama-packed story, a cast that proves what stellar acting is, it features names like Sohail Ahmed, Salman Shahid, Saba Hamid, Saba Faisal,  Iffat Omar and Vasay Chaudhry, apart from the lead and supporting roles – making London Nahi Jaunga a powerhouse of acting!

Produced by Salman Iqbal, Jerjees Seja, Shahzad Nasib, and Humayun Saeed, London Nahi Jaunga will release in cinemas across Pakistan on Eid ul Azha.

Check out the trailer here and tell us what you think:


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